Billiards Reality Show – Lets get behind them to grow our sport.

Gurnee, Illinois – January 23rd, 2009 – Iwan Simonis, Inc., the world standard for billiard cloth, has recognized the progress and potential of Blair Thein and his project and has committed to help Blair (Creator/Promoter/Contestant) align himself with a professional company to package PPP for investment. Investors Resource Alliance LLC intends to deliver the knock-out punch as they package PPP to attract the right investors that will allow this extreme dream to become a reality. 

Vice president Edward Weinecke and Executive Alex Decker of Investors Resource Alliance LLC feel they have a tiger by the tail as PPP is a very sexy and exciting project. By opening up their resources to help Blair put the final touches on the planning, development and packaging of the Pool, Poker and Pain reality show, it looks like the highly ambitious project can get the funding that it needs to reach the next level. This final development process will be in high gear over the next month to package and present the groundbreaking show.

Iwan Simonis, Inc., the world standard for billiard cloth, has recognized the progress and potential of Blair Thein and his project and has committed to help Blair (Creator/Promoter/Contestant) align himself with a professional company to package PPP for investment.

Iwan Simonis, Inc., the world standard for billiard cloth, has recognized the progress and potential of Blair Thein and his project and has committed to help Blair (Creator/Promoter/Contestant) align himself with a professional company to package PPP for investment.

The character based reality show has blockbuster potential as its reach touches 3 unique and exciting sports… Pool, Poker and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). The combination of this dramatic reality show, leading up to a unique triathlon style event, is slated to bring new eyes to each respective sport.

Blair intends to begin scheduling meetings with qualified investors interested in being involved with a completely new twist on combined discipline sports and ready to make sports and entertainment history. For more information and insight into the Pool, Poker and Pain concept, visit

“The Interest in the uniqueness and excitement that surrounds this project, along with recent developments lead me to believe that 2009 is the year that “Pool, Poker and Pain” will Shine!” -Blair Thein

Founded in Verviers Belgium in 1680, Iwan Simonis, S.A. is the oldest and most respected producer in the billiard industry, focusing on producing the truest playing billiard cloth available worldwide. Simonis uses its experience, craftsmanship and global distribution network to satisfy the demands and enhance the enjoyment of cue-sports on a global level. For more information, visit or call 847-360-9029

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Sign of the times: Brunswick reports 4Q earnings loss

Probly the biggest name in billiards reports 4th quarter loss. …

Brunswick Corp. reported Thursday a net loss from continuing operations of $66.3 million during its fourth quarter, or 75 cents per diluted share, mainly due to marine sales that dropped 50 percent as the global marine marketplace continues to slow.

The quarter compared with net earnings of $12.1 million, or 14 cents per diluted share, for the same period in 2007.

The Lake Forest, Ill.-based company, the parent of Fond du Lac marine engine maker Mercury Marine, reported fourth-quarter sales of $837.7 million, down 42 percent from $1.44 billion the previous year. For the year ended Dec. 31, 2008, Brunswick had net sales of $4.7 billion, compared with $5.6 billion in 2007. The company had an operating loss for the year of $611.6 million, compared with operating earnings of $107.2 million the previous year.

For 2008, Brunswick had a net loss from continuing operations of $788.1 million, or $8.93 per diluted share, compared with net earnings from continuing operations of $79.6 million, or 88 cents per diluted share, in 2007.

The company’s boat segment, its largest operating group, experienced a 25 percent drop in sales during 2008 to $2 billion, down from $2.7 billion in 2007. Its marine engine segment, consisting of the Mercury Marine Group, reported a 17 percent decrease in net sales during 2008 to $1.9 billion, down from $2.3 billion in 2007.

Brunswick’s (NYSE: BC) billiards and bowling business, which has Wisconsin operations in Bristol, had total 2008 sales of $448.3 million, up slightly from a year ago. The segment had an operating loss for the year of $12.7 million, down from $16.5 million in 2007.

The billiards operation in Bristol is combined with Brunswick’s bowling segment, which includes bowling centers, equipment and products, billiards, air hockey and foosball tables.

“As we anticipated, 2008 proved to be a very challenging year for our businesses and we expect 2009 to also be difficult,” said Dustan McCoy, Brunswick’s chairman and CEO. “Although we have limited visibility to a very volatile marketplace entering the year, we expect our revenues to be lower in 2009 with higher relative percentage declines occurring in the first half of the year.”

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Derby City Billiards Event Continues

by InsidePOOL Staff

Day 1 of the 2009 Derby City Classic went off without a hitch. In fact, “it almost went too well because we finished too fast,” said Paul Smith with Diamond Billiards. Allotted match times are based on the average match lengths from the previous year. Last year, the average bank pool match took 1.14 hours. This year’s average matches have not been taking nearly as long. “I truly believe the general caliber of bank play has improved,” said Smith.

One hundred and ninety-nine matches were played on forty tables in less than nine hours. Round two and the first redraw began at 11 a.m. this morning. Nick Varner, Dave Matlock, and Larry Price are a handful of the previous champs that are not currently present this year.

Brian Gregg repeated his Derby City Classic Bank Ring Game performance.
The bank pool ring game also kicked off at 8 o’clock. Limited to only six players, Tony Chohan showed up two minutes too late. Announcer Grady Matthews was just signing up Glenn “Piggy Banks” Rogers, first on the waiting list, to fill his spot. The complete list of competitors included Brian Gregg, Shannon Daulton, Louis D’Marco, Darrell Abernathy, Jason Miller, and Rogers.

Bank pool ring game rules: $50 / ball initially. Stakes rose to $100, $200, $400, $600, then $1,000 based on the two-and-a-half hour timeframe. In the ring game, kicking at a ball is allowed with a minimum of two rails. The buy-in this year was reduced to $1,500 from the previous $3,000 to encourage more entries.

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BILLIARDS: Significant win keeps title race

CROWLAND B kept the Spalding and District League title race alive by beating leaders Crowland A.
Rob Childs (O200) and Derek Tinkler (O20) were both victorious for the B side in a 5-2 win, cutting the gap at the top to just six points.

Cue ace Childs overcame a mammoth 300 handicap to beat Alan Readshaw (R100) 200-175, making breaks of 54, 46
and 45.

Tinkler’s 200-181 win over Marian Lee (R110) saw him make a 28 break – and made Tom Lee’s (R90) win over Roger Goodliffe (R80) pure consolation.

But the fortunes were reversed in the KO Shield two days later, Crowland’s A team cruising past Pyramid A 541-497 while the B team were being dumped out by Holbeach 523-538.

Gosberton A missed the chance to make up ground at the top.

Consti C beat them 5-2, with Peter Tingle (R100) and Mick Peet (R120) picking up wins.

Their slip-up allowed Pyramid C to move alongside them on 69 points, thanks to a 5-2 derby win over Pyramid A.

John Templeman (R40) made a 40 break for the A team, but Max Ayliff’s (R70) 29 helped guide the C team to glory.

Both they and Consti C are nine points off the pace.

Meanwhile, BSC veteran Hugh Pinner (150) comfortably made the top break of the week in his side’s 5-2 home triumph over Pyramid B.

Pinner racked up a huge 116 as he sunk James Sharpe (R80), with Brian Bowell (R20) also on winning form.

Darrell Read (R50) won to secure two points for the Bourne side, making breaks of 21 and 20.

It was a good week for Read, as he went on to net the decisive points in Pyramid B’s 563-411 Shield win over Consti B.

The week wasn’t all bad for Consti B, as Mick Johnson (O150) won a thrilling clash with Alan Nichols (R110) to clinch a 5-2 win over Gosberton.

Johnson made breaks of 74, 40 and 23 en route to edging a 200-198 win.

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‘Billiards Idol’ Getting bigger with more talent tell us what you think

New billiard talents have already signed up and more are expected to join the Search for the New Billiards Idol, which kicks its second season on January 18 at the Superman Sports Bar in Libis, Quezon City.

A report posted on described the event, organized by the Billiards Managers and Players Association of the Philippines (BMPAP), as the premier grassroots development program of the local pool scene.

Among the aspirants shooting for the Billiards Idol event is Johann “Bubwit” Chua of the Bugsy stable.

“This is our commitment, and we’re doing it in the absence of a program from those who are supposed to do it,” said BMPAP co-founder Perry Mariano.

“Billiards Idol” has attracted some 300 wannabes during its inaugural run in 2008. It stretched into 15 preliminary legs, including provincial stops in Davao and Bacolod, and a Grand Finals featuring 27 top performers from the preliminaries.

Mike “the Lightning Kid” Takayama, a 19-year-old Fil-Japanese, was hailed as the New Billiards Idol in 2008, winning the P40,000 cash prize plus a seeding in all Villar Cup tournaments in 2009.

I thnk its really great to see any type of exposer from new areas that we havent really seen up to this date.
but beyond that billiards idol is coming we will stay tuned i am excited to hopefuly get to see some of the action.

Beer Buckle, Delta-13 billiard triangle racks, Justin’s Nut Butter, Sprig Toys

The Beer Buckle
As a recent college grad from South Texas, Jay Kriner found himself carousing many a night with nary a place to put his beer.

“I would always rest my bottle on my belt buckle,” he said. Inspiration struck when Kriner realized a built-in shelf with a drink holder would in fact be a better belt buckle, and he went to work.

“I studied a little bit of engineering in college, but I actually designed the blueprints on Microsoft Paint,” he said. “It’s pretty basic geometry.”

The result: The flashy star-and-pistol-clad buckle folds down into a shelf, and a spring-loaded ring pops up to accommodate the wearer’s can or bottle. (Magnets hold it up in between beers.) Kriner debuted his invention at last October’s Great American Beer Fest and got a great reaction from both drinkers and brewers interested in their own private-label buckles.

“I just about sold out of what I produced. We have a lot of local support.”
$25 retail. Made by the Beer Clothing Co., Central City,

Delta-13 triangle racks
Terry Taggart had been in the precision machining business for more than 20 years, making components for medical device, computer and aerospace companies before getting into the billiards industry last year.

Company manager and pool fanatic Charlie Dittrick inspired an aluminum rack that makes for the tightest and only perfect triangle on the market. “The balls just explode on the break,” said Taggart of the patented Delta-13, now the official rack of the United States Poolplayers Association and available in standard and elite varieties.

“Our rack won’t bend or bow,” he guaranteed. “It’s being featured on five ESPN tournaments — it’s in pretty high demand.” $79.95 to $134.95 retail.
Made by Executive Billiards (a dba for Taggart Enterprises Inc.), Parker, (866) 915-2058,

Justin’s Nut Butter
“It basically started with a food processor in my kitchen,” said Justin Gold of Justin’s Nut Butter origins. The vegetarian and avid mountain biker had a constant hunger for protein, but was unimpressed with the selection of nut butters on the retail shelves.

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McGovern in Charge of Billiards in Addison

McGovern in Charge of Billiards in Addison
Pechauer All-American Tour / Addison, IL

by InsidePOOL Staff

Mike McGovern was on fire at the December 27 stop of the Pechauer All-American Tour, dominating from start to finish. Hosted by The Pyramid Club in Addison, IL, the $500-added event featured 28 players in a double-elimination 8-ball format on 7-foot bar boxes.

In McGovern’s march to the finals, he successfully dispatched John Carvell 5-0, Jack Wu 5-3, Jeff Mohl 5-3, Ernesto Contreras 5-1, and Ricky Weir 5-0 in the hot-seat match. Weir had earlier toppled Areil DiAngeles.5-0, Greg Spencer 5-2, Jim Engels 5-3, and Tony Gong 5-4 prior to his loss to McGovern.
On the B-side, Mike Monegato and Keith Schneiderman were ousted at seventh place by Jim Engels 5-0 and Eddie Balderas 5-3, respectively.  Balderas then lost to Gong 5-3, while Engels clipped Contreras 5-4, tying both at fifth place.  Gong then tripped Engels into fourth place by a 5-4 margin, but Gong in turn ended his day in third place resulting from a second 5-4 loss to Weir.  Weir gave McGovern some good competition in the finals, but McGovern continued his hot stick to win the title match 5-3. 
Mike McGovern was on fire at the December 27 stop of the Pechauer All-American Tour, dominating from start to finish. Hosted by The Pyramid Club in Addison, IL, the $500-added event featured 28 players in a double-elimination 8-ball format on 7-foot bar boxes.
1st Mike McGovern $400
2nd Ricky Weir $275
3rd Tony Gong $165
4th Jim Engels $95
5th Ernesto Contreras $78
Eddie Balderas
7th Mike Monegato $54
Keith Schneiderman

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