Its now the 12th and the weekends over

I went out this weekend to a local pub and played pool with a couple of friends of mine and you know i noticed is that if you own your pool cue your expected to be a pro player, its not like if i bring a basket ball to a basket ball court im expected to dunk ill admit i do use a very nice pool cue Click The Link to see the one i personaly own.

But anyways i play a game with a guy thats in this pub and he does a pretty good job of spanking me he was actually pretty good but he brings up the fact that i own my pool cue and i dont know how to play wich im not terrible but im not the greatest player in the world but im far from the worst so anyways i give him another oportunity to play again and i just wallup him i get him pretty good but anyways im not really sure what the point of my story is just thought i would say what i say.

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