Underwater billiards games A Must Read

Scuba diver Sabir Bux took on national-level billiards player Ahsan ul-Haque during a game under the surface of the Bay of Bengal off the coast of Orissa, which they say was the first such attempt in the world. The game was played off the coast of Gopalpur, some 180 km from here, for over an hour Sunday.

“It was a trial match. We will play a match to set a world record later on,” Bux told IANS.

He plans to play at least 10 more trial matches before going for the final record attempt.

A 8×4 sq ft iron table weigh 62 kg was installed about 20 feet deep in the water and special balls were used. Four students of the Kalinga Divers institute assisted them.

The institute was set up by 43-year-old Bux to provide training in scuba diving. It has produced over 100 professional divers till now.

Bux, a man with a fascination for both music and diving, has already filmed music videos underwater, both in the Bay of Bengal and in the Mahanadi river

Pretty interesting sign up starts now get your scuba gear lets play pool literately.


I found this interesting – Billiard layoffs get positive spin

Friday, January 09, 2009
WEST SPRINGFIELD – The closing of Boston Billiard Club on Sunday has had some positive spin-off.

Some of the 42 laid-off employees have already found other work, and Boston Billiard already has located a potential buyer for the club at 885 Riverdale St.

Donald J. Robert, manager of Maximum Capacity at 116 School St., Chicopee, which has been in business for more than four years, said he has received applications from Boston Billiard employees and has hired several.


“It is always sad to see this happen,” Robert said of the Riverdale Street club closing.

“We have been in family business for over 20 years, so we feel for the whole staff and hope that we can help as many of them out as possible, and give people a fun and safe environment to go to,” he said.

Maximum Capacity is adding four pool tables to the current six and is remodeling the place, Robert said.

“We were already planning on it, but (the closing of Boston Billiard) gave us a sense of urgency,” he said.

Brian E. Hanify, a spokesman for Boston Billiard, said the company shut down three other locations on Sunday. The clubs in Danbury, Conn., Warwick, R.I., as well as the flagship club in Boston were closed, Hanify said. The only clubs open are in Worcester and Nashua, N.H.

The crisis in the banks has had a major impact. “It’s another small business that’s a victim of the banking industry,” he said.

Boston Billiard owners are looking to find interested buyers for its properties, and in most cases, the company is optimistic that buyers will be found.

“We have identified a buyer for the West Springfield site, and the plan is to reopen in the next couple of weeks” if everything goes well, he said.

“Our number one goal is to help our employees,” he said. The club, which offered league play, and a full menu and bar, as well as individual billiards play, employed 42 full- and part-time employees.

Before it closed, the club, which has been on Riverdale since 1993, had 32 pool tables.

Boston Billiard Club President Kurt J. Mathias issued the following statement upon the closing, “We are very sad to be closing our West Springfield location. We appreciate the tremendous hard work of our staff and the loyalty of our Western Massachusetts customers.”

According to the city assessors Web site, the current assessed value of the property is $1,308,900. The site contains 2.55 acres.

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The Nintendo Wii may have hit a home run with- Pool Revolution Review

Im so excited to check out this billiards game.
CueSports – Pool Revolution Review

We take a look at WiiWare’s next download billiards game.

showUSloc=(checkLocale(‘uk’)||checkLocale(‘au’));document.writeln(showUSloc ? ‘<strong>US, </strong>’ : ”); January 7, 2009 – In the past few months, Hudson has put out a few pretty good WiiWare games for fans of Nintendo’s download service. The latest on the list, CueSports – Pool Revolution is a classic game of pool that mixes the same “pretty decent, but not outstanding by any right” interface that Hudson used in games like Bomberman already, and some decent, but very simplistic gameplay.

The concept behind CueSports is about as straightforward as you can get. Up to four players can select from a few different tables, pool ball sets, and settings, and jump into a game of billiards, similar to what we’ve seen before on WiiWare already with Midnight Pool, and the billiards game included in Wii Play. The graphics are extremely simple, but the 3D is well done, the ball physics work well (a little slow on the table, but well designed), and the controls are manageable, though not very ambitious.

CueSports doesn’t look bad for a WiiWare title,
but there’s only so much you can do a with pool
game without adding your own unique style to it.

First off, this is a 500 point WiiWare game, and it shows. Everything works, but the entire package has a very budget feel to it, including everything from the stacked (but IR-enabled) simple interface and options, to the uneventful sinking of a ball with no real player feedback along the way. The visuals are plain, options are as simple as “table one, two, three…” without showing the layout of that table before you’re in the game, and while things like Mii usage and online are included, along with a unique create-a-trickshot mode, all of it has this very closed off, simple feel. It has a lot of options, the control itself isn’t bad, but it’s a very “by the books”, almost soulless offering.

On the table, controls are a bit odd, but they get the job done; especially if you’re willing to just sit back and ignore the motion control, which plays a minimal part. Aiming the ball can be done with the d-pad or by moving the cursor to the edge of the screen in the right view mode, a ball guide arrow (showing where the shot will go) can be turned on and off with the “2” button, and when ready to shoot, it’s as simple as pointing to the cue ball and hitting A. If you press it while the cursor is aiming near the top of the ball, you’ll add top spin. Near the bottom, and the ball will roll back with bottom spin. Pretty simple.

The motion used for shooting isn’t too hot though. Once A is pressed, you pull back (quickly) with the Wii-mote to set your shot, and then shove forward to determine shot power. Everthing is a bit too subtle though, so you’ll need to really shove to get good speed on the ball, and there’s no 1:1 cue movement like in Wii Play, so you can’t really judge a shot based on pulling the cue farther or shorter back, or getting a real “feel” for the shot. Instead, I personally just hit the minus button, and set the power bar with the d-pad when playing. It’s more accurate, though it defeats the purpose of it being WiiWare and not just a flash game online, or any other version of virtual pool out there.

Online is a nice addition though, and it works well against worldwide or friends (via friend codes, of course). Simply go on, set the rules, and play. With the trick shot mode, players can save a few dozen of their own created shots, or try to complete all 50 of the game’s included challenges. For amazing shots in both trick and regular games, you can save down replays and watch them later; not a bad feature.

Closing Comments
CueSports – Pool Revolution isn’t a bad package for 500 points, but it’s also an average, run-of-the-mill pool game with no real style of its own to back it. The game is as fun compilation of online, some creative elements, and the ability to play 9-ball, 8-ball, snooker, and “rotation” pool, but with the general gameplay as generic as it is, it’ll take a serious billiards nut to get into everything the game has to offer. At the same time, it’s a 500 point game, and it can be played with four players off a single Wii remote. Not a bad little game to have should the mood strike you, but those uncertain about this one can find much better pool games out there, and a heck of a lot of NES games that’ll trump this equally-priced WiiWare title in the gameplay department. Charming, but certainly not for everyone.

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