And The Winner is “Gary Empey” wins CNY Billiards Title

Central New York 9-Ball Tour / Fairmount, NY

by Skip Maloney

Faced with a second set in a true double-elimination finals on the CNY 9-Ball Tour stop the weekend of January 24-25, the two finalists, Gary Empey and Jim Forsythe, opted for a single-game set to decide the match. Empey won that single game and came home with the first place prize. The $390-added, A-B handicapped event, hosted by Corky’s Billiards in Fairmount, NY, drew 44 entrants.

Empey had bested Jeremy Leander 9-3 from among the winners’ side final four, as Forsythe sent Dominic Martoccia west 7-3. In the hot seat match that followed, Empey, a Double-A + 2 player, had to reach 9 games before Forsythe, a Double-A, had to reach 7 games. Both reached the hill–Forsythe at 6 games, Empey at 8–before Forsythe finished it, gaining the hot seat and waiting for Empey’s return.

Leander and Martoccia lasted only a single round on the one-loss side, as Jose Mendez and Lyn Wechsler dropped them into the tie for fifth place and faced each other in the quarterfinals. It was Wechsler advancing to the semifinals with a 7-3 win over Mendez. Empey gave up only three racks in the semifinals that followed and turned to face Forsythe a second time.

Empey gave up even less in the first set of the finals, defeating Forsythe 9-2. It was at that point that the two decided to make it a single-game final set. Empey completed his single-defeat weekend to capture the first-place prize.

Gary Empey and Jim Forsythe, opted for a single-game set to decide the final match.
1st Gary Empey $400
2nd Jim Forsythe $285
3rd Lyn Wechsler $200
4th Jose Mendez $150
5th Jeremy Leander $120
Dominic Martoccia
7th Dan Smith $80
Paul Merluzzi
9th Jeff Montgomery $40
Chris Handzel
John McConnell
Dave Grau

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